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Aidpage group discussing "Lawyer Referral"...

My son needs one. Once the State of Michigan gets a hold of you and you are mentally ill, your screwed. It starts with early prevention ( we kept on asking every one for help). Then they kept him isolation for 2 months, turned downed down the heat so he was shaking and his hands were red. I called and asked for them to turn up the heat, they said they would give him a blanket. While in isolation they tased him. The judge gave him extra days because he would not sign some papers ( the judge knew he didn't sign papers because of his illness) and thinking the other inmates were gang member and they were after him to harm him, yes I did tell the officers. I was hoping,they would have a brain and get him into treatment. Remember this is a county jail. Okay, he is out of jail. He is twice as bad. I've never seen him this way (violent). He is sent to a hospital, that lasted 2 week because he tore apart his room. Back to court, same lawyer---Did I say lawyer that suppose to help you, I forgot.He has no less than 2 months in Michigan State operated Psychiatric Hospital. Can these people smear your face on the floor? This is not my son, yes he had a temper but that is it. Why is it when you cry for HELP! it seems everyone turns around.

I'm not giving up! It just getting sooo hard

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